Production Room Toaster CG Help Screen

Enter names into the CG pages:

 1. Click on CG icon.
 2. Press + or - keys to go to different pages.
 3. Click on the name to be changed.
 4. Press the delete key until the name is deleted.
 5. Type in the new mame.
 6. Click on the Save-To-Disk button to speed save the page.
 7. Exit CG by clicking on the switcher button.

Display CG Pages

 1. Press + or - , or type in the page number.
 2. Press Enter to load the CG page.
 3. Press F1 for Camera 1, F2 for Camera 2 or F3 for Camera 3.
 4. Press the space bar to display the CG page.

Display Credit Roll

 1. Press 223 and enter to load the logo.
 2  Press the space bar and enter again.
 3. Press F2 and #2.
 4. Press 002 and enter.
 5. Press space bar to roll credits.
 6. Click the right mouse button at the end of the credit roll.
 7. Click on the spinning globe effect.
 8. Press #5 and then space bar.