First, set the switch box to A: Modem/Pet, then turn on PC. 
Press F1 when prompted.


C:\>        pet RET             Type pet RET at the c prompt
CMD         co bas RET          Press the CMD key, then type co bas RET
                                Wait for the modem to dial.
CMDlogin    lastname RET        Press CMD, then type your last name RET
CMDpassword firstname RET       then type your first name RET
CMD  CMD                        Press the CMD key twice.
            ->                  Use the grey arrow keys to move your 
                                cursor to SHOW.5PM.RUNDOWN (6:30 Thursday)
CMD         tr scripts RET      Type CMD tr scripts RET to tranfer the cue
CMD         logo   RET          After the cue is transferred, type CMD logo
CMDlogin    CTRL ]              Hold the CTRL key and press the ']' key
cmd         local RET           Type local at the cmd prompt
            ->                  Use the white right arrow keys 
                                to enter the scripts cue  
CMD         pr c:/p/stname RET  Place the cursor on a story,
                                press CMD and type pr c:/p/storyname
                                for each story
CMD         logo RET            Press CMD and type logo RET to quit pet

Turn off pc and switch to scroll control/QTV, then turn on the PC.
Press F1 when prompted.

C:\> 	    qtv	RET		type qtv RET
L 	    l			type L to load files
->				use the grey arrow keys to move the 
				cursor to the story to be loaded
ENTER				Press ENTER to load story
				Repeat until all the stories are loaded
				Clean up as necessary.

To clean up text, position the cursor under the first Page symbol and 
type 'control d', to go into delete mode. Then scroll down with the down
arrow or the page down key. Position the cursor under the first letter 
of the readable text and type 'control e' to go back to edit (or insert)
mode. This will delete the block of selected text.

To copy a block of text, move the cursor to the top or bottom of the
block and type 'alt b' to place a block marker. Then move to tthe other
edge of the block and type 'alt b' again. Then move to the place where
you want to copy the block and type 'control t'. Then type 't' to 
transfer the block or 'c' to copy it.

When the text is cleaned up, save it to disk by typing escape, then
s for save. Then type show and return to save the file.

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