I.  Objectives

Instructional objectives

A. To introduce the student to the basic aspects of tv production.
B. To familiarize the student with general television studio 
   equipment and more specialized field equipment.
C. To introduce the student to basic television production 
   terminology and technology.
D. To familiarize the student with studio and field production 
   techniques and operations.
E. To introduce the student to the artistic as well as the  
   technical aspects of television production.

Performance objectives

A. To enable the student to identify and operate the major 
   components of a television facility.
B. To enable the student to read and utilize technological 
   aides to production.
C. To enable the student to shoot and edit a news package.
D. To enable the student to write, produce, and direct a 
   television production.
E. To allow the student to gain practical experience in a 
   functioning television facility.

II. Attendance

Attendance at all class meetings and productions is required. 
Absences from the classroom portion of the course will result 
in one point being removed from your final grade. Absence from 
a scheduled production either your's or that of another student 
where you have a crew assignment, can result in a full letter 
reduction in you final grade. Failure to participate in the 
productions scheduled outside regular class section without 
having obtained prior permission from the instructor earns you 
no credit for that assignment. Failure to receive credit will
adversely impact on your final grade. Attendance at the final 
exam is required!!!
III. Grading
Twenty-five percent of your final grade will be determined by 
your tests and the final exam. Seventy-five percent of your 
course grade will be determined by your two student productions, 
your participation in other class productions, and your  
participation in the on-going operation of WNCP-TV. The final  
exam will consist of evaluation of student productions by the  
instructor and the students. Letter grades are assigned on a 
10 point scale.

IV. Text
     by Ronald J. Compesi

V. Instructor
Mr. George Johnson  Rm. 143 Old Main  
Office Hours: Mon, Fri 9:00-11:00
Phone 521-6499  Email:

VI. Productions

WNCP-TV Productions

Each section will provide the crews for "PEMBROKE FORUM", 
SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE",  on Mondays.  Crew assignments 
will rotate and you will be graded on your participation. 
These productions will usually be scheduled for Mondays. 

Studio Crew Job Descriptions

Studio Crew Schedule

Student Productions Each student will produce two commercials or PSA's in the studio. The first one will be 60 seconds in length and the second one will be 90 seconds. You will be furnished with studio time, equipment, crew, actors, tape, and so forth. You must furnish the creativity, direction, and scripting. All scripts should be approved by the instructor no less than one full class session prior to production. You will need to furnish scripts (one copy for each class member and two for the instructor), props, costumes, and setting. You will direct your productions and serve as crew/actor on other productions, as scheduled. Your production grade will be determined by your participation in all in-class work. Each student will digitize and compress the finished video for webcasting. Grading Criteria 1. Productions will be within one second either way of the stated time length. . 2. Each production will be original. While you may refer to existing works, you may not copy them. 3. All scripts must be TYPED and in the proper format. 4. Scripts will be graded on content, format, style, and grammar. 5. ALL SCRIPTS SHOULD BE APPROVED FOR PRODUCTION IN ADVANCE BY THE INSTRUCTOR. 6. You may bring talent from outside the class for your production. This is dangerous, however, and extremely careful consideration should be given to such an action. 7. The use of graphics is strongly recommended. Video tapes, charts, and computer graphics enhance productions. You must produce your own, however, and have them camera-ready on your production day. 8. You MUST use music/sound effects. You will be responsible for converting sound to audio cassette for use in your production. 9. During studio productions: a. scripts should be memorized b. productions should be rehearsed c. cue-cards should not be used d. you will produce on your assigned date and time unless a postponement is mandated by a 30-minute production e. you will be in the studio sufficiently early (before the schedule starting time) to be sure the studio is ready f. you will have exactly one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes of studio time to complete your production g. after the shot is completed you will have one minute to decide if you want to keep it or reshoot h. you will direct from the control booth using the camera monitors and your floor crew I. when the taping is completed for the day, the class is responsible for shutting the studio down 10. During your studio productions you will include the following. YOU ARE GRADED BASED UPON THESE ITEMS! SEE ATTACHED PRODUCTION CHECKLIST. 60-Second Production a. one camera movement: truck, dolly, pan, tilt, etc. b. five or more shots c. three or more different transition devices: cut, wipe, fade, dissolve d. two or more speaking characters e. one graphic and/or CG f. music or sound effects or both g. appropriate set, costumes, props 90-Second Production a. one camera movement: truck, dolly, arc, etc. b. one camera movement: pan, tilt, etc. c. one change of focus d. seven or more shots e. three or more different transition devices f. two or more speaking characters g. music h. props, costumes, set I. two graphics or CGs You may also use the chroma-keyer, the computer, or any other equipment available in the studio. 11. You are graded based on improvement. You are expected to note errors made by other students who produce before you do and not make those errors in your production 12. Only one "take" is allowed. When you get your production "on tape" you will have 60 seconds to decide to keep it or re-take it. If you elect to re-take, the prior copy will be erased. 13. Only one copy of the production tape is made. You may obtain a copy on VHS tape by bringing a tape to the exam and requesting a copy of the class tape. This is a good way to start a video resume. PRODUCTION CHECK LIST Each item must be included in your production. Failure to any item will reduce your project grade. 60-SECOND PRODUCTION MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS _____ ONE CAMERA MOVEMENT: TRUCK, DOLLY, PAN, TILT _____ FIVE OR MORE SHOTS _____ THREE OR MORE DIFFERENT TRANSITION DEVICES: CUTS, FADES _____ TWO SPEAKING CHARACTERS _____ ONE GRAPHIC OR CG _____ SOUND--MUSIC, EFFECTS, ETC. _____ APPROPRIATE SET _____ APPROPRIATE COSTUMES _____ SCRIPT CONTENT _____ SCRIPT FORMAT 90-SECOND PRODUCTION MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS _____ ONE CAMERA MOVEMENT: TRUCK, DOLLY, ARC _____ ONE CAMERA MOVEMENT: PAN, TILT, PEDESTAL _____ ONE CHANGE OF FOCUS _____ SEVEN OR MORE SHOTS _____ THREE OR MORE DIFFERENT TRANSITION DEVICES _____ TWO SPEAKING CHARACTERS _____ MUSIC TRACK _____ APPROPRIATE COSTUMES _____ APPROPRIATE SETTING _____ TWO GRAPHICS OR CGs _____ SCRIPT CONTENT _____ SCRIPT FORMAT _____ APPROPRIATE LIGHTING (WITHIN LIMITS) HONOR CODE: Students have the responsibility to know and observe the UNCP Academic Honor Code...Students who violate the code can be dismissed from the University. The normal penalty for a first offense is an F in the course. (UNCP Academic Honor Code, 1988)